FluidFit® Silicone Cushions

Size: 21mm
Product description

COMPATIBILITY: Legendairy’s FluidFit™ Silicone Cushions with Integrated Duckbill Valve are only compatible with the Duette

INCLUDES: One pair (2) of FluidFit™ Silicone Cushions with Integrated Duckbill Valve, available in size 21 mm and 25 mm

Replace silicone cushions regularly to ensure optimal pump suction, ideally every 4-8 weeks.


  • Sterilize before first use by submerging the Silicone Cushions in a deep and wide pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. The Silicone Cushions should be fully submerged in water and not touch the bottom or sides of the pot. Do not sterilize and avoid using high heat after initial sterilization.
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water then rinse clean after subsequent uses. Using cold sterilization or UV sterilization is also permissible.
  • Do not wash the Silicone Cushions in the dishwasher.
  • Replace every 2-3 months, depending on the frequency of use.
Unique Iiquid silicone


Unique FluidFit™ silicone technology that mimics baby suckling, in turn promoting better milk flow, less nipple inflammation and a more comfortable pumping experience.

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